Saturday, June 16, 2012

A (Succulent) Terrarium

After the goldfish died, the glass fish bowl was relegated to a dusty corner under the kitchen sink. I kept thinking I would make a terrarium out of it, with moss and tropical plants... until I discovered succulents. I love them! So green and so pretty, shaped like flowers and little green rosettes. And unbelievably low-maintenance--perfect for a newbie like me.

So I went out to Ikea where I'd seen they were selling for like $3.90 each and bought a pair of them (those two lighter colored ones), but I wanted something a little different for the third one and I found this fat juicy dark green one at a little neighborhood florist.

Replanting them was pretty simple afterwards. I filled the bottom of the fish bowl with large-grained gravel, then plopped planting soil in, leaving holes for where the succulents would go in (roots, potted soil and all). I figured I'd leave them in the soil they came in because that was probably best for their health. I had to roll some paper to funnel soil to specific tight corners so I didn't mess up the inside of the glass, and get soil stuck in the succulents. I stole some moss I found growing outside, cut out a whole chunk and patted it down into the soil. Finally I added some decorative stones (carefully with a pair of chopsticks) and ta dah! 

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