Saturday, August 4, 2012

In the magical woodlands

I don't know where to begin except with the goodness of the Lord! After today I'm more convinced than ever of His love for me and His plans that are always higher than mine.

Planning this photoshoot was tedious to say the least. Getting everyone available on the same day was something of a miracle in itself. Having two photographers (Sheena & Rox from Zap!) who shared my vision of the wedding was and is a godsend. We initially wanted to do a vintage bicycles and picnic in the woods theme, but we could't find a pretty bicycle so we just ended up with a celebratory picnic theme, which turned out really well (though, let me come back to the bicycle thing later).

I really thank God for all these wonderful bridesmaids I have too. Spending so much effort going dress and shoe hunting and rallying around me when I need them; also a most sporting bunch of groomsmen.  And my ever-supportive parents (one of whom took this photo) who, must've thought I was quite mad when I insisted on not doing the traditional shoot, but lent me so much of their help anyway.

The Friday night before the shoot, there was a thunderstorm over much of the east side of Singapore. I got a text from Sheena who said she was worried about the grass being too wet and muddy in the morning. But I had this feeling it was all going to be okay, still I offered up another prayer to God to keep the weather in our favour. The funniest thing was that, ten minutes later, Sheena returned my text saying, "Guess what! I'm in a cab passing ECP and this whole stretch is dry!" While we're on the subject of weather, God took it a step further and gave us this perfect weather in morning that was at turns cloudy and cool and let in beautiful dappled sunlight for the shoot. And then, when we were done and packed, it started drizzling.

I'd fallen sick on Thursday with a cough and throat infection, and I thought to myself: "I really can't afford to get sick this weekend!" I remember praying two nights in a row at 3am when my sore throat woke me up, praying in tongues in my head cos my throat hurt too badly to sound my words. But somehow God even turned falling ill for good when my editor gave me half a day off on Friday to recover! It gave me the much needed time to gather the last things for the shoot. Moreover, God held off the worst of my sickness until the shoot was all over and I came home and collapsed into bed.

But He wasn't done yet. As if to show how much of a wry sense of humor He had, he sent us the bicycles we'd wanted.

Yep. Here they are.

Can you believe that two strangers, a couple, actually stopped and asked us if they could take a picture with us? I was all like, "Sure thing!" And then I took a double take at their bicycles. The perfect ones we were looking for but couldn't find, in pink and blue. And they were so happy to loan the bikes to us for a couple of shots. And all the while, Sheena and I kept repeating in wonder, "Oh my God, He actually sent us the bicycles."

Thank you God for coming through for me again and again and again. :))

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