Friday, February 6, 2015

Challenge accepted

There are a lot of festivals in February. Here, we celebrate Chinese New Year, four glorious days of public holidays dedicated to feasting, celebrating family and when I was younger, ang bao collecting. Then there's Valentine's Day, an occasion I never cared much for, what with its overpriced roses and cheesy hearts. But this year, I realized that in the 'heart world' (or so I've heard it called, since I was unceremoniously incepted into it), February is the month about, well, all things heart-related. February is CHD Awareness Month, with Feb 14 being often touted as CHD Awareness Day.

One of the things I wanted to do when I restarted blogging again was to tell Johanna's story, but it's a long, complicated one, and I didn't know how. I came across this photo-a-day challenge from The Corbin Story on my Instagram feed the other day and there it was, a way for me to gather my thoughts and put them down in a way that made sense.. and perhaps, do a little good as well. 

The challenge starts the day after tomorrow and I'll be following each Instagram photo with a blog post here. I hope I have the determination--and time during Johanna's naps!--to finish each post. Here goes nothing! 

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